Bristol Branch – Elected positions

Branch chair

The branch chair facilitates branch and other meetings and will represent the branch in negotiations and public appearances.

The role may include:

  • Chair all meetings of the branch and agree the agenda with the secretary
  • Ensure that meetings run smoothly and democratically
  • Ensure that all branch business and functions are properly carried out
  • Liaise with branch officers as needed
  • Provide branch leadership by working closely with the secretary and other officers

Branch secretary

The main point of contact with the wider union. They are responsible for branch administration and work closely with the branch chair and other officers to provide leadership. They will also represent the branch in negotiations and public appearances.

The role may include:

  • Acting as the strategic lead and coordinator within the branch on district and national campaigns/objectives
  • Sitting on the national Strategy Group alongside the Directors to help decide national campaigns
  • Working with the Branch Leadership to ensure that organising and campaign objectives
  • Delegating work to other officers and members as appropriate
  • Working with staff to guide the branch’s development by preparing and implementing a branch organisation and development plan
  • Convening and attending all meetings of the branch and making sure proper minutes are kept and circulated
  • Ensuring records and information are kept properly
  • Regularly providing branch members with news of campaigns, issues, branch updates and activities (working with Communications Officer)

Branch communications officer

Responsible for internal and external communications, the branch communications officer’s role includes:

  • Providing the information members need to play an active role in their union
  • Supporting branch recruitment and organising
  • Supporting and publicising ACORN’s national and regional campaigns
  • Ensuring accessible and compelling campaign narratives and projecting a strong and positive reputation for ACORN amongst members and the public
  • Producing or re-producing regular branch and national communication across all platforms
  • Distribute campaign and publicity materials to members as appropriate
  • Monitoring and liaising with local media
  • Ensure an active social media presence

Branch membership officer

Keeps track of the branch’s membership and works to develop recruitment and organising.

The role includes:

    • Making sure the branch has accurate membership records
    • Mapping the branch’s membership to identify density
    • Monitoring the branch’s recruitment and retention rate
    • Working with the branch committee and organising staff to develop and implement the branch’s organisation and development plan
    • Organising recruitment and turnout activities such as phone banking etc
    • Making recommendations to the branch committee on recruitment activities, targets, resources
    • Ensuring new members are welcomed appropriately
    • Ensuring that branch members are involved in union activities at all levels and are encouraged to self-organise
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