The Coronavirus (COVID-19) crisis is hitting our communities hard. As contracted workers, we are waiting for Government backpayments of wages. As self-employed or casualised workers, we are relying on a broken Universal Credit system. As tenants, we’re at risk of missing rent payments and losing our homes. As community members, we are isolated and cut off from each other. The Government’s response to the crisis has been delayed, pitifully inadequate, and full of gaps.

But we are fighting back. As a union in the community, ACORN is bringing its members together to both plug these gaps on a local level, and pressure the Government nationally to put the legislation in place which will properly protect our communities. We are workers, we are tenants, we are community members, and we are taking what’s ours. Read on to find out about the work we are doing and how to get involved.

N  A  T  I  O  N  A  L

ACORN’s Protect Renters Campaign

The Government’s budget of the 11th March 2020 set out emergency measures to be introduced to help deal with the Coronavirus outbreak and the economic impact it will have on businesses and employees.

The budget did not set out any plans to protect renters from eviction or rent arrears.

ACORN is calling for the government to take action to protect renters, demanding rent waivers, mortgage waivers, and all evictions stopped.

L  O  C  A  L

ACORN Community Support networks

In cities across the UK, ACORN’s members are co-ordinating networks of volunteers to deliver food and other essential items to people who are self-isolating or in need. We are also providing phone calls to combat loneliness and reignite community spirit. So far thousands of volunteers are involved, tens of thousands of flyers have been delivered, and hundreds of people have been helped. Follow the link below to read more, request help, or volunteer.

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