Member Defense

Organised people vs organised money. That’s how we see the struggle in our communities and across the country. As an organisation of the overcharged and underpaid, we don’t have the money for expensive legal advice and the like. But we do have the people! Our strength is in our members and we act together to support each other when things go wrong with a landlord or letting agent.

When you join ACORN you can count on your union backing you up. We won’t do it all for you but we will help you stand up for yourself. We use direct action to stop evictions, get repairs and deposits and to stop our members being mistreated by landlords and letting agents. We believe that an injury to one is an injury to all so we stick together.

This is not a service you pay for, where someone just sorts out your problems in return for your dues payments. When you join the union you will be expected to support others and get active in our campaigns in return for help with your situation. Together we are stronger!

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