Our Impact

In 2014 three ACORN organisers began knocking on doors in Easton, Bristol with a plan of building an organisation independent of political parties that would represent and fight for the rights of local people. Since then we’ve gone from strength to strength and developed into a national organisation and movement. The state of housing in this country is well known and we’ve quickly adapted to mobilise tenants to fight for decent, dignified and affordable housing.

Our direct action mobilisation has won hundreds of thousands of pounds for our members in repairs to rented housing and winning back deposits and when landlords have tried to evict their tenant to punish them for asking for repairs we’ve mobilised our communities to stop them being kicked out and made homeless.

We’ve forced property developers and local authorities to provide desperately-needed affordable housing and have won better standards for tenants through legislation to make sure landlords are licensed. We’ve tackled landlords exploiting tenants through’sex for rent’ deals and won the removal of dangerous tower block cladding following the Grenfell fire disaster.

Issues we are taking on


Public services

Corporate accountability

Member defence