ACORN.. are a community union with a special interest in housing. They have been organising on the streets to help those with no fixed abode register to vote. This includes the homeless, women in refuges and the traveller community.” – Novara Media


When the 2017 snap general election was called more than three million private renters faced losing their vote due to a combination of insecure tenancies forcing people to move regularly and people not being registered when they should have been.

ACORN teamed up with Generation Rent to launch the #RentersVote campaign and registration drive to make sure that housing policy was a key issue in the election and that renters wouldn’t be denied a voice. Our grassroots operation registered 4,000 voters including many homeless and insecurely-housed people who otherwise would’ve had no voice and called on the political parties to commit to:

    • Rent control
    • Ban on tenancy fees
    • More security by ending unfair evictions
    • Landlord registration
    • Crackdown on disrepair
    • More social housing
Check out this video of the campaign.