End the eviction epidemic!

Teacher Tara Diamon, quoted in the Guardian tells a story many of us have faced:

“My pay has been frozen while rents have rocketed in Bath. I was already spending all my spare time working as a tutor and marking exams just to pay for groceries and avoid getting into debt … That’s when I realised I was going to be made homeless. I experienced this feeling which I can only describe as pure terror. I’ve never been so scared in all my life.”

The shame and distress of realising you’re actually going to lose your home – and have no where else to go – is overwhelming. But not unusual.

43,000 people were evicted in 2015 and 1 in 5 renters has faced being forced from their homes. This isnt a personal problem, is a social crisis.

Homelessness is soaring and the public purse is paying £3 billion a year on emergency accomodation (and providors are exploiting the situation for maximum profit).

This massive rise in eviction has nothing to do with rent arrears as landlords claim. Instead it closely correlates with rising rents, as landlords evict low waged tenants to hike them up.

All of this is made possible by the existence of an obscure piece of housing law known as Section 21. This allows “no cause evictions” whenever a tenant is outside our crazy short 6-12 month tenancies.

As well as rent controls and longer tenancies, we need to ban “no cause evictions” and end this eviction epidemic! Agree? Sign on now >>

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