Longer tenancies for secure homes!

1 in 5 renters have faced being evicted from their homes and millions of others are forced to move regularly as rents rise. But all of this is only possible because compared to our European counterparts, British renters are being screwed. We pay more. We have worse conditions. And we have less security.

While renters on the Continent often get 3 year, 5 year or even lifetime tenancies, we typically get a 6-12 months. And outside of that period the landlord can jack the rent and evict us for no reason.

A majority of rented households today are families with young children. The effect of this upheaval is enormous. From the constant anxiety for the adults to the disrupted education for the kids.

Our families deserve real homes, a safe, secure, comfortable place to be, to raise our children, take part in our communities and build our lives.  We need longer tenancies now! Sign on if you agree >>

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