Rent Control Now!

Half a million of us have to borrow money to pay the rent – despite being in work. 1 in 3 renters are struggling.

We’re paying upward of 50% of our income on rent, in some places more like 75% – and that’s only an average. For many individuals households, the rent far outstrips our income.

Take Nadine Masseron, quoted in the BBC:

“Every year the estate agent tries to put up the rent by £50 a month. Every year I go through that, begging, pleading, ‘please don’t’.”

But even at its present level, Nadine Masseron – a single mother from Wokingham in Berkshire – cannot afford to pay her rent.

To make ends meet, she borrows money on a credit card. She has £6,000 of debt as a result.  She works full-time as a sales manager for a health supplements company, with a second job as a natural health consultant at weekends.

“They call it a living wage. That doesn’t make sense. That is a bare-faced lie,” she says. “It’s not a living wage if you cannot afford to live anywhere on that wage.”

2/3 of renters are now families with young children, millions now being pushed into poverty due to housing costs

Enough. It’s time for rent control. Sign on if you agree >>

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