Crack down on disrepair!

**IMPORTANT NOTICE** In the wake of the awful fire at Grenfell Tower it is VITAL that all of us stand together to demand our landlords and Governments make our homes safe! Please sign this petition – and if you have concerns about your property, contact us here.

2/3 of tenants live in “non-decent” homes. Damp walls, broken appliances, faulty wiring, leaking roofs.

We pay the most to live in the worst conditions. Our homes are often dangerous to our health. Yet no one seem to care.

In 2015 there were more than 50,000 complaints made to local Councils about housing. Of those, only 14,000 were investigated, and action was eventually taken in less than 1000 cases.

This is unacceptable. Local authorities need to meet their obligations under current laws to protect local residents from rogue landlords, and the Government needs to toughen the laws to ensure all homes let must be fit for human habitation.

We’re not 2nd class citizens. Demand better conditions now >>

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