Social housing for the masses!

Council housing is cheaper, better maintained, more secure – and can make the public purse richer. And yet…

42% of us lived in a council house in 1979. Today it’s just 8%.

The “right to buy” has seen more than 1 million council houses privatised at discount – mostly family homes which are now lacking. But the real horror is that councils weren’t allowed to replace them. 

The Government are still taking money from council sell-offs as well as a huge percentage of council tenants rents, in a dodgy as heck deal which claims we’re still paying the debt for building council housing (nonsense, it was paid off years ago). This leaves our communities desperate for homes.

Private developers continue to get way with ignoring their obligations to build affordable housing – and when they do it’s unaffordable to most of us. We’ll keep fighting for more affordable developments, but it’s not the solution.

Right now, with low inflation, a massive housing benefit bill being paid to private landlords (who often bought ex-council housing) and rising homelessness, we need to finally end “right to buy” and embark on a massive council house building programme. Sign on if you agree >>

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