“Revenge evictions, nonexistent repairs, legal terror… But thanks to groups like ACORN things are beginning to change”The Guardian

“Now I know what people power looks like!” – Jacqui Lewis, ACORN member

The housing market in the UK is broken. 11m people now rent in this country but 1 in 3 privately rented homes doesn’t meet the Decent Homes Standard and 1 in 6 is dangerous to live in. We pay the highest rents in the whole of Europe but landlords can still evict their tenants without giving a reason. This means our homes are insecure and tenants afraid to speak out.

But there’s millions of us, and ACORN is showing that when we stand together we can get results. We don’t want to have to keep tackling the same issues, so with each campaign we train new leaders, recruit new members, and put ourselves in a better position to win the next campaign. 

Member defence

Dealing with an agressive or abusive landlord on your own can be terrifying. With ACORN behind you it’s easy” – ACORN member

Supporting tenants in moments of crisis is one of the things ACORN is most well-known for.

Whatever challenge a tenant is facing, we have been there to support them. For example, we have: prevented revenge evictions, won hundreds of thousands of pounds in repairs to dangerous properties, got electricity restored to a tenant’s house, got a tenant their property back after an illegal eviction, won back thousands of pounds that were being unfairly taken from deposits and prevented serious harassment. 

We also run the ACORN Tenant Support Group on Facebook, where hundreds of tenants have received advice when they need it, and thousands more have learned about their rights. 

Our work for tenants was featured on the Victoria Derbyshire Programme in November 2017.

Wider campaigning

Our groups and branches have also joined together to run campaigns on a range of other issues affecting the housing market. We’ve joined coalitions to end tenancy fees, registered thousands of people to vote in our #RentersVote campaign (particularly homeless people and others in vulnerable housing situations), secured fire safety improvements in towerblocks, landlord licensing to improve standards in Bristol and Sheffield, and are working in coalition to scrap Section 21 of the Housing Act which allows good tenants to be unfairly evicted.

“ACORN supports people to do collectively what they cannot do individually… By coming together we create something which is more than the sum of the parts.” – ACORN member