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Why become an ACORN member?



Central to our work is the principle of power in numbers. Through organised collective action we can achieve more than we can alone. 

By joining ACORN, you become part of our movement. The more people we have, the bigger the demands we can make.



We know that lots of things that need changing to make our society fairer but to do that we all need to stand up and take action.

Whether it’s talking to neighbours on the doorstep, taking to the streets in a demonstration or simply making a regular financial contribution – it all helps. You don’t need to do it alone but we all have to do it!



While social and economic justice is our guiding mission, ACORN is more than just the bottom line.

When we knock on doors, take collective action and win together, the fabric of our communities is strengthened.

Membership FAQs

How much are your membership rates?

ACORN membership contributions are based on your income:


  • You earn £8 per hour = £8/ month membership 
  • You earn £10 per hour = £10/ month membership 
  • You earn £12 per hour = £12/ month membership 
  • You earn £15 per hour = £15/ month membership 


  • Unwaged = £3/ month membership
  • Part time worker = £5 per month membership
  • High earner 1 = £18/ month membership
  • High earner 2 = £20/ month membership
  • High earner 3 = £25/ month membership

How do you collect payments?

If you sign-up online it will be via Direct Debit. Our payments are handled by our payment processor GoCardless.

How long is the commitment?

ACORN membership is not like a phone contract – you can cancel whenever you like via your bank or through GoCardless if you sign up by DirectDebit.

Neither are we a service that you leave as soon as you’ve received support. It’s important that members stay members for as long as possible – ACORN is your organisation and we depend on dues payments to keep us going.

What if there isn’t a local group in my area?

The local group is the main way members can be active in ACORN. If there isn’t a local group in your area then get in touch with us and we’ll support you to get one set up. If you’re not ready to do that yet then you can still play a vital role by supporting our work financially through dues payments and joining in our online campaign activities.